Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering team handles the most complex network design and troubleshooting issues.

The systems engineering and consulting groups are where many of the problems requiring creative solutions end up.  Anyone can handle a simple network with one or two new servers, or even a large environment that is all new and up to date.  But in the real world, most businesses have a mixed bag when it comes to old versus new technology, frankly sometimes its just a mess.  Businesses that have customized databases, based on non standard or non supported technology can be a challenge to work with when we are virtualizing or moving to the cloud.  We take pride in trying to always find the most economical and expedient solution to help our clients move forward.  We never push technology for technologies sake, and we always find a way!

Our Systems Engineering team handles issues such as:

  • Network and server design and troubleshooting
  • Server upgrades and migrations
  • Escalation from the rest of the support team
  • Cloud infrastructure design and migration
  • Advanced virtualization and storage systems
  • Complex VLAN, switching, and routing systems
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity systems
  • Cyber security systems and training
  • Helping guide and evaluate plans for future needs
  • Assistance with compliance and security audits

Being part of the engineering and NOC teams can be a lot of fun, everyday is different, and we always seem to have an abundance of interesting and challenging projects.

systems engineering

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