Server Support and Management

Properly managed servers are the key to storing, accessing, and securing all of your business data.

From secure file storage and email to complex databases, engineering, accounting, and point of sale systems, White Mountain can provide the server management and server support needed to protect your most critical business systems.

We can manage and support all of your Windows Server, Linux hosted, and cloud-based systems.

  • Server design, installation, and migration
  • Physical and virtualized systems
  • VMware and Hyper-V
  • Scale-able Storage Area Network (SAN) systems
  • Cloud-based Disaster Recovery and backup systems
  • Complete cloud-based server and desktop environments
  • Encrypted email and email archiving systems

Our server management service provides security and usage monitoring, local and off-site data backup, software updates, security patches and unlimited support and management.

With a White Mountain Managed IT Service agreement, service can be structured on a flat rate basis, giving you unlimited access with no additional charges, or you can choose to pay as you go and be billed as needed.

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