Cyber Security Training

Employees who practice safe computing, and understand how to recognize the latest cyber threats, are key to keeping your business safe, and your data protected.

It goes without saying that your business needs to employ all of the latest security technology available.  But even with the best tools and systems, poor computing habits and lack of cybersecurity awareness will make your employees unwitting accomplices to hackers. They may wind up sharing passwords and other sensitive information too freely or over unsecured channels. They may fail to think twice before opening an email attachment or clicking on an unknown link. Maybe they’ll be tempted to download a certain app off the Internet, without your authorization.

Setting up a training program for employees is a key way to cut down on cyberattacks that could expose your data or bring down your system, costing you money, time, and a loss of reputation.

 White Mountain can help, with ready to go, web-based, as well as classroom training.

Employees will benefit from working off of concrete examples and knowing exactly what steps to take to either avoid a cybersecurity threat or respond to one. For example, if one of your employees detects a data breach, would they know who to turn to and what to next? Work off of specific policies and procedures, and use real-world exercises and drills as tests.

A single short-term training program is useful, but businesses truly benefit from ongoing cybersecurity awareness. We can help you come up with policies that you periodically review, along with course updates for new threats. Invite your employees to speak about their cybersecurity concerns at meetings. Turn any mistakes you catch your employees making into learning opportunities and reminders. Making cybersecurity issues a part of your business culture is critical.

To further discuss creating an effective cybersecurity training program for your employees, please contact us. Employees who are better informed can significantly reduce the chances that you’ll fall prey to a successful cyber attack.

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