Network Operations – Monitoring & Alerting

The Network Operations team, and our associated tools, systems and processes, make up the Network Operations Center (NOC).

The industry term for the Network Operations Center is usually just NOC (pronounced ‘knock’).  We have two primary functions, the first is to build, manage and maintain the infrastructure that we use to manage our clients infrastructure.  The second is to work with the engineering team on the most complex and involved client projects.

The Network Operations team’s responsibilities include:


  • Managing multiple monitoring and alerting systems
  • Monitoring of thousands of network devices, servers and firewalls
  • Responsible for Windows updates and security patches for all client systems
  • Security configurations and motoring for client firewalls, VPNs and servers
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware systems across all client networks
  • Data backup systems and management for all client data
  • Managing multiple private cloud platforms
  • Round trip email monitoring for client email servers
  • Producing reports for management and client review
  • Compliance and security audits
  • Offsite data backup infrastructure and systems
  • Performance monitoring of client database systems

And on and on, you get the point.  Network Operations is the team that provides the back end systems, automation, and management platforms that the rest of the team uses to manage our clients technology. We also help with escalation for the engineering team and assist with more complex client migrations and projects.
network operations

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