Cyber Security

Cyber Security is ingrained in all roles and in everything we do.

From help desk and field services all the way through systems engineering, NOC, and the consulting team, we take network security seriously. Security starts during the interview process, everyone on our team has been subjected to comprehensive background checks and has been checked and registered (including fingerprints) with the national CJIS FBI databases as a prerequisite to being hired. Our offices are protected by monitored alarms, electronic access control, and video and audio recording systems. Our entire team follows industry best practices and are enrolled in ongoing cybersecurity training and testing.

We offer a wide range of Cyber Security Services from the basics required for safe computing and IT management, all the way through penetration testing and advanced network security audits.

White  Mountain IT Cyber Security services include:

  • Event and security log monitoring and alerting
  • Password management system
  • Management of anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls and server permissions
  • Vulnerability audits
  • Penetration testing and reporting
  • Data encryption
  • Secure email and message encryption
  • User monitoring and activity recording
  • Honey pot systems and monitoring
  • A complete end-user cybersecurity training curriculum
  • Ongoing Phishing test campaigns and reporting

If you are concerned about your current level of network security, give us a call for a confidential consultation.

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