Systems Documentation

Maintaining accurate, complete, and detailed documentation, is a core component of Professional IT Management.

We maintain a secure database that allows us to track ALL key data required to support your infrastructure, critical business systems, and everyday user support issues. Let’s admit it, we all hate it when we call into a company that we have contracted with for support, and the tech doesn’t seem to know anything about us, or our systems. Well, if the company doesn’t commit to professional IT management, then they don’t maintain the documentation, they don’t provide the training, they don’t follow the SOPs, in my book that’s called just “winging it”.

With a Managed IT Service agreement from White Mountain, we create and maintain the documentation about your business that is needed to keep things up and running and to provide exceptional customer service.

Examples of content that we maintain updated documentation on:

  • Complete asset list, all hardware, software, and subscriptions
  • Expiration dates for warranties, domains, certificates, hosting plans, etc.
  • Domain names and hosting information
  • Security configurations and procedures
  • Network, WiFi, and server configurations
  • ISP and telecom info
  • Employee census and user IT profiles
  • Workflow and key application profiles
  • Knowledgebase of all requests and work done, searchable by device or user
  • Profile of all key vendors, contracts and agreements
  • Data retention and backup plan
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
  • Change Management logs and reports
  • Incident Response reports for all critical incidents and outages
  • Remote access configuration and policies
  • Written Information Security Plan
  • Encryption requirements and configuration
  • Failover plans for key systems
  • Regulatory compliance requirements and audits
  • IT Budget and Road-map
  • Client-specific SOPs
  • Client-specific IT Policies



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