Cloud Services

Move your business to the Cloud, and leave the hassles behind.

Are you ready to get out of the IT infrastructure business?

Q: “Can I really get rid of my servers and desktop computers?”

A: “YES, we can move your entire IT platform into the cloud, including your custom database, line of business app, and any other special software that you may use. We can even replace all of your desktop PC’s with $200 ‘Windows terminals’ and be done with IT headaches forever.”

White Mountain has an established track record of helping small businesses evaluate and realize the advantages of cloud computing, and actually moving to the cloud, not just hosting email or a server in a data center. 

If you are considering a move to the Cloud and would like a free consultation and demo, just give us a call. 

It’s no problem if you aren’t ready to make the move, all we ask is that you call us BEFORE you buy another server, we may be able to show you a better way.


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