Data Backup

When it comes to the data backup of up your critical data, we take the “belt AND suspenders” approach

That’s right, we recommend multiple backups of ALL data.  We help you identify key data sources from within your network as well as whatever might be floating around in various hosted software platforms that might be in use by your staff.  Just because you contract with a hosting provider, and your data may be in the cloud, it doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t also have a local copy that you can control. We work with your staff and vendors to craft a data retention and recovery plan that protects your up-time, productivity, confidentiality and security.

White Mountain Data Backup offerings include:

  • Local and offsite images of all servers
  • Images of ALL critical PC’s
  • Streaming offsite backups of all roaming laptops
  • Ability to spin up virtualized restores in the cloud
  • Database backups
  • Automated downloads from cloud based services
  • Multiple cloud infrastructure platforms for redundancy
  • Email archiving for compliance and long term storage


data backup

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