Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation, because sometimes you need a helping hand.

Staff augmentation is when a client needs an onsite tech resource on a regularly scheduled basis. This might be to help out with deployment and training of new hardware or software systems, helping out with onboarding new employees, or to help open a new office. Whether your need is as little as four hours per week, or a full forty, short or long term, we can provide the help you need when you need it.

Advantages of having White Mountain help with your staffing needs include:

  • Our technicians are trained in industry best practices
  • We provide management and oversight
  • Detail of all work performed will be documented in our ticketing system
  • Configuration changes will be documented in your IT documentation portal
  • When your project is finished, the tech is still available as a member of our team


If you are considering bringing on part-time help, or an IT contractor, to help out with a long term project, give us a call first, we may be able to offer much more value than just a hired hand.


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