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Most small and mid-sized businesses depend on Technology for at least some part of what they do, but more often than not, these systems are thought of as a necessary expense rather than as a strategic tool.

Virtual CIO Services for small businesses

We find many IT firms who claim to offer IT Consulting Services, actually spend more time talking about the 'speeds and feeds' of PC's and servers, or focus on the plumbing of technology, rather than focusing on how you can use technology to solve business problems. We call that Computer Consulting, rather than IT consulting. With White Mountain as your IT consulting company, we put more importance on the bigger picture issues that the CIO should  address, such as; Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and related services.

  • Virtual CIO services are about managing your IT resources, making progress visible to Management and ensuring that IT and your IT vendors are focusing on the same goals as the business.
  • Strategic Alignment is about looking at Business goals, and seeing where we can use technology to help meet these goals: How can we help you convert Web leads into new business? How can we help you add new locations and keep your staff connected and in-sync?
  • Budgeting support is about making sure IT costs are contained, and that you are spending your money where it will have the most benefit to your organization: What technology investment is going to have the most positive effect on my business?
  • IT Road Map services take the alignment of IT and business needs and put it into an actionable annual plan; so that everyone is on the same page as to what needs to be done over the next year. Regular Quarterly or Monthly meetings help ensure everyone is on track and help us re-align the plan if goals change.
  • Business Continuity focuses on keeping your company up and running, regardless of what happens. By focusing on your risks and how to compensate for them, we put together plans to keep your business running through disasters both large AND small.
  • Workflow Analysis focuses on how we can use technology to help your employees work more efficiently: How can we use automation or even a small hosted database to avoid repetitive, error-prone manual labor? Can we integrate different systems to avoid re-entering information, or to keep everyone informed of changes? There are many ways to use inexpensive technologies to make a big difference.
  • Computer Consulting services provide a level of oversight above basic systems engineering, but still very focused on the bits and bytes of the technology infrastructure.  Generally, the computer consultant is part of the engineering team, and reports to the IT Consultant, or CIO, who will have a higher level perspective on the greater business objectives, goals, and strategies..


If you don't need a full time CIO, but are looking for a trusted partner to help you create a competitive advantage, solve business problems, increase employee productivity, reduce the risk of security issues, or reduce downtime; give us a call, our Virtual CIO and IT Consulting Services may be a perfect fit.

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Onsite Computer Support Services are available to businesses within 100 miles of Nashua New Hampshire. We have excellent onsite coverage from Concord NH, south through Manchester NH and then down into Boston. From Northern and Central Mass we cover from Worcester, east to the North Shore, including the Salem and Portsmouth NH area.



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