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Getting complex IT Projects done on time, and under budget, requires getting all stakeholders on-board early, and keeping them involved, informed, and in the loop.


On our end that means all technical, management and consulting resources. On the clients end we typically engage with upper management, department managers, and other key personnel to assist with workflow, deployment, scheduling and testing procedures.  Then of course we need to include any third party suppliers, vendors and contractors that may be involved. 

A smooth and successful IT project means no surprises, so our standard procedures include steps that ensure that we have solid plan BEFORE we start changing things that will affect your users.

If you are planning an upcoming technology project and are considering bringing in an outside resource, give us a call.  We would be happy to talk about helping with an individual phase, or task, or handling the entire project for you.


 We look forward to helping you get I.T. done!








Had Enough?If your business seems to be caught in a never ending cycle of computer problems and complaints, perhaps you have been focusing on the symptoms rather than the source of the problem. The underlying cause is most likely a lack of professional IT management. At White Mountain, we take responsibility for the operation, management and support of your IT infrastructure. Don't settle for the IT systems cycle of torture,there is a better way, give White Mountain a call today...

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Onsite Computer Support Services are available to businesses within 100 miles of Nashua New Hampshire. We have excellent onsite coverage from Concord NH, south through Manchester NH and then down into Boston. From Northern and Central Mass we cover from Worcester, east to the North Shore, including the Salem and Portsmouth NH area.



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