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What Are Employee On-boarding And Separation Procedures?

When we bring on a new client, we create a document that outlines all of the steps and tasks required to get a new employee set up in their organization.  Creating a step by step procedure and checklist helps ensure that the process is handled the same way every time and that nothing is missed.  Sometimes we end up with a base procedure, that we will apply to all employees, as well as a departmental procedure, that will be applied only to staff working in that department. 

We work closely with your management team to ensure that new employees have a smooth first day, as well as to protect the business when there is an unexpected employee separation. 

 In Addition to a detailed on-boarding procedure, here are a few of the IT related things that should be documented for all employees:

  • General description of workflow, function, and role
  • List of devices used and software used
  • List of hosted systems that each user has access to
  • Description of server, and data access requirements (folders, files & shares)
  • Company-owned devices that each employee has possession of (laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Any remote access accounts, VPN accounts, or other forms of remote access to company data
  • Physical access controls like key fobs or mechanical keys

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