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Do I Even Need a Server?

There are many advantages of running, even a small office, on a dedicated server, and in some cases it is necessary.  However, we believe in keeping things simple.

Before we recommend any solution, we will always consider your needs and discuss the best approach based on your access and workflow requirements.  It may make more sense to use a combination of onsite and cloud-based services; especially if you need mobile access to your data.  We often find, many of the reasons that caused you to buy a server in the past, are no longer applicable to our current needs.  If your email and critical business apps are in the cloud already, it may be harder to justify the expense of a dedicated server, if you only have a small number of users in the office.

Every situation is different, but you can rest assured we will not try to force you into a high cost of ownership solution if there are more flexible and affordable solutions available to meet your business goals.

 All we ask, is you call us before you buy another server. We will gladly give you a second opinion and most likely a few better alternatives to consider.

At White Mountain, we make changing IT vendors EASY!

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.

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