What is involved with setting up a cyber security training program?

Security awareness training should be available and encouraged for all computer users in your company.

There are new variations of sophisticated threats like ransomware developed every day, and sometimes the human at the keyboard is the last defense and the biggest risk.  Having your computers and data infected can be a very disruptive and expensive event that can stop your workflow, and grind productivity to a halt.

At White Mountain, our clients are offered an ongoing training and monitoring system that will help keep users up to date on the latest threats, as well as a platform to demonstrate that they understand, and know how to practice safe computing.

In addition to classroom and online video training,  White Mountain Cyber Security User Training includes:

      • Ongoing, scheduled course curriculum, customized by user
      • Management reports on each users progress and participation
      • Ongoing, automated email Phishing tests, customized for your business
      • Positive reinforcement as well as remedial coursework based on users ability to spot fake emails
      • Handouts and tools to help secure personal mobile devices, social media accounts, and home computers

If you would like more information or would like to get a copy of our free Cyber Security Toolkit, give us a call today!

At White Mountain, we make Security Training EASY!

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Although we provide remote services and support to businesses in over 20 states, onsite services are limited to within reasonable driving distance from our offices in NH.  We will manage a local vendor for locations outside of our service area to provide onsite assistance when needed.


Onsite Computer Support Services are available to businesses within 60 miles of Nashua New Hampshire. We have excellent onsite coverage from Concord NH, south through Manchester NH, and then down into Boston. From Northern and Central Mass, we cover from Worcester, east to the North Shore, including the Salem and Portsmouth NH area.

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