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Isn’t my IT Manager also my CIO?

Not necessarily, but it depends on how you define it and what you expect from the position. Here is my perspective on the differences between the two positions.

An IT Manager is concerned with the day to day operational, support and budget issues associated with your IT infrastructure.

A Chief Information Officer or CIO is more concerned with how to use technology to gain competitive advantage, increase productivity and support the strategic vision of the organization.

In larger organizations, the IT Manager reports to the CIO. In most cases, they are two different sets of skills and priorities.

If you are fortunate enough to have one person who is able to do both jobs well, then make sure you hang on to them, they will be hard to replace!

At White Mountain, we have relationships with clients where we report to the CIO, and are responsible for IT Management, and in some cases, we provide monthly CIO services, and IT Management is handled in-house.  Every situation is unique, and we are happy to customize a plan to your specific needs.

At White Mountain, we make changing IT vendors EASY!

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.

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