Tip of the Week: Three Practices to Reduce Consternation About Your Technology

Tip of the Week: Three Practices to Reduce Consternation About Your Technology

Technology plays a massive role for most organizations nowadays, and not everyone always grasps the importance of it. Most of the time, there is so much built into today’s enterprise software that it can often be overwhelming for workers to use it effectively. Today, we will give you three tips on how to help employees get a grasp of the technology their productivity depends on.

Help Them Understand

The major disconnect between administrators and employees when it comes to technology is that admins choose the software and employees are required to use it. Most people subscribe to the K.I.S.S. method; meaning the simpler the better. If processes are too complicated, people will definitely find a way to mess them up. By explaining why tasks need to be completed, rather than that they need to be completed, it will put the benefits into perspective and help them understand why things need to get done

Provide Training

Obviously, a well trained person can complete tasks quicker and with more accuracy than someone that is just feeling their way through a process. We know that training is expensive for a business. No real productivity in the time taken to train people on processes hurt the budget. The thing is, not training people is much more expensive. If you want your business to run efficiently (or more efficiently) you need to ensure that the people doing the work know what they’re doing. There are, of course, ways to minimize your training costs. You can outsource training or use the resources provided by the company from which you purchase the software. You can strategize to ensure that people are trained to effectively perform the functions that their job requires. You can also have employees follow around established employees so that way something is actually getting done.

Hammer Home Collaboration

Anyone that has run a small or medium-sized business (SMB) knows that they need to do less with more to compete. The absolute best way to accomplish this is to make collaboration a priority when planning out your processes. The better your team works together, the less frustrated the limits of their technological understanding will make them. Business runs on people working together, and today there are all types of applications and platforms that make that more simple and efficient than ever. You want to see productivity out of your team? Give them tools that give them the best chance to succeed.

Not everyone will like the solutions you’ve chosen to run your business with, but as long as they know why things are the way they are, understand how to use those platforms, and understand that they are working as a team, there will be a lot less confusion and frustration at your workplace.

At White Mountain IT Services, we specialize on helping SMBs get the technology they need and keeping it running optimally. For more information about our services or to have a conversation about how to improve your business with technology, give us a call today at (603) 889-0800.

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