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The Simple Fact is that Ransomware Hurts in Many Ways

Let?s walk through what a modern ransomware attack might look like, acknowledging all the ways that the affected business would suffer as a result of the infection.

  • A ransomware attack begins with an attacker reaching out and communicating with an intended victim as part of a phishing attack to gain access to said victim?s device or network.
  • Once the ransomware is in effect, it encrypts all data it has access to, leaving it useless to the user, and that?s if the user isn?t locked out of their systems outright. As a result, productivity is hindered, and potentially eliminated.
  • The attacker may also steal data, putting it up for sale on the Dark Web or using it for other nefarious purposes.
  • The attacker then reaches out to their victim, demanding a ransom before the data will be returned? or, if no payment is received, the data is deleted.
  • Meanwhile, the victim remains unable to operate, suffering downtime with no capability to generate revenue.
  • If the ransom is paid, the victim will be out a significant sum of money, and there?s nothing to guarantee that they?ll get their data back.
  • The victimized business then must wipe their infrastructure to clear out the infection, hopefully having maintained a backup to restore from. Otherwise, they?re effectively starting from scratch.
  • In addition, because the ransomware will have caused downtime for the duration of the event, the interrupted services and potential for stolen data could have easily ruined the business? trust in the community.

Ultimately, even if the infected business does everything right (other than the infection), by maintaining a backup, wiping data and implementing this backup, and maintaining open and clear communication? it may not be enough.

This is Exactly Why You Need to Avoid Ransomware

Ransomware?s impacts are not only costly, but they stick around long after the situation has otherwise been resolved. Preventing it is your best option, but you also need other protections to help defend your business. The backups we?ve already mentioned, user training to help avoid phishing and other methods of infection, and more can all help keep your business?and by extension, your future?safe.

We can help. Reach out to us at (603) 889-0800 to start a conversation.

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