Current Small Business IT Trends

Cloud Adoption

One trend that has seemingly been a trend for almost a decade is the continued use of cloud computing to expand the reach of a company. Nowadays, there have been several innovations that now make cloud computing a no-brainer for the modern small business.

Servers, software, and other resources can be extraordinarily expensive, and maintaining them can often cost even more. Many of today?s most utilized productivity software now come in a service package through the cloud. This presents an opportunity for the small business to get any type of software in needs without carrying the huge capital investment that buying new hardware and paying for software licensing is sure to thrust on a business. 

Smarter Business (BI & BA)

Another trend we are seeing is that more and more small businesses are utilizing business intelligence and business analytics platforms to get a better read on how their business investments are returning revenue-generating situations. Using these platforms allows businesses to alter their business strategies to the market in which they compete, giving them a better understanding of what they need to do to improve their operations.

Everything Digital 

Up until recently, and even today, digital transformation is often considered too costly for the SMB. That shouldn?t stop smaller businesses from pursuing this strategy where they can. The more a business does early to prioritize building a digital workplace, the better position they will be in going forward.

There are several ways a business can go about doing this. They can start either in their customer-facing strategies or with their internal ones. One way that a business can start is by installing a platform that allows for secure remote work experiences. This will not only make it easier for their own staff to work remotely, it also opens up the possibility to leverage outsourced workers into higher degrees of productivity and cost reduction. 

If you are looking for the right technology to invest in, the consultants at White Mountain IT Services can help you find innovative solutions that will create workable ROIs, while boosting efficiency, communications, and productivity. Call us today to see how we can help at (603) 889-0800.

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