Tip of the Week: Turn It Off and Turn It On, Again

Is It as Simple as a Reboot?

To answer this, let?s consider what actions you take with your computer (or any other network attached electronic device). You start your computer, it loads programs, you download more programs, not considering just how much work goes into this. Often times, part of an action doesn?t function the way you?d expect it to. Activities run in the background. You keep using the device. Your system?s resources are being taxed by all these actions. Yet, you keep using the device. Ultimately, you?re working with a RAM-stuffed machine that is crawling along at a speed you don?t recognize. 

Then you reboot.

Suddenly, all those unnecessary processes stop. Once your machine is back up and running again, your RAM is clear, the processes that were dragging down the performance of the technology are no longer running. Your computer works as you expect it to.

You turned it off and you turned it back on, and now your computer is fixed. Simple, and funny in the right context. It?s no wonder that since this fixes a lot of problems that people think IT professionals are condescending nerds. 

On a side note: In no way will rebooting your computer fix a major problem with your computer. You can turn it off and on again, and if it still has an issue, you likely have something else wrong. Then, go ahead and give the nerds a call.

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