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Three Questions You Need to Ask About Your Technology

Technology is an essential component for most businesses. Strategic integration of technology has been proven to address significant operational challenges that often elude smaller businesses and startups. In this context, we’ll explore three critical questions about business technology that every tech-savvy individual should be acquainted with and make clear the importance of such knowledge.

Question #1: Is Your Technology Aligned with Your Business Requirements?

While this question can be answered by anyone within your company, the overarching consideration revolves around the efficiency of your current IT infrastructure in delivering products and services. If the answer is negative, a proactive discussion with a technology professional is necessary to formulate a viable plan.

Conversely, if your response is affirmative, minor enhancements to your IT setup may offer unforeseen advantages. Even if you believe your IT is functioning optimally, several productivity-boosting options might have escaped your consideration. Often, our technicians discover instances where clients underutilize capable hardware, rely on outdated software, or overspend on IT support. Failing to manage IT proactively can lead to costly downtime and sustained inefficiency.

This leads us to our second question:

Question #2: Is Your Infrastructure (Servers, Workstations, End Points, Networking, and Security) Adequately Maintained?

Consider your personal computer at home—you likely use it when needed, and don’t concern yourself with its efficiency until it starts exhibiting issues. Imagine the same scenario occurring with work computers; productivity would undoubtedly suffer. Just as you wouldn’t expect a chef to prepare an omelet with a garden shovel, employees can’t deliver optimal results if their workstations are suboptimal.

Therefore, ensuring that all organizational hardware is well-maintained and software tools are regularly patched and updated is imperative. Managing technology, like any specialized field, requires experience and practical knowledge. Knowing when to transition from one technology to another and comprehending the intricacies of complex systems is essential for effective maintenance and functionality.

Our final question:

Question #3: Do You Have Access to the Necessary Knowledge for Your Business?

Basic questions about your hardware, software, downtime expenses, and printing costs should be easily answered. However, when faced with such queries or other fundamental IT questions, seeking assistance from someone who can provide the required information becomes crucial. At White Mountain IT Services, we possess a wealth of knowledge about business technology.

When business owners approach us for technology-related concerns, our initial approach doesn’t rush into sales. We prioritize a comprehensive network and infrastructure assessment before discussing potential solutions. Our value lies in offering business technology expertise, identifying solutions to problems, and leveraging our experience to benefit your business. If your business faces complications you may not even recognize as problems, our expertise and knowledge as IT consultants can provide the value you seek. Contact us today at (603) 889-0800 for more information.

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