All SMBs Need a Reliable VPN

All SMBs Need a Reliable VPN

Remote employees are in a conundrum when it comes to data security. While you might be able to protect data stored locally on your company’s in-house network, securing data in use by employees while out of the office is another matter entirely. How can you guarantee that your business is protecting its data and other sensitive resources from prying eyes?

The answer is simple: a virtual private network, or VPN. Let’s explore what makes a VPN such an effective tool for data security.

Encryption and Tunneling

VPNs are powered by encryption and tunneling technology that securely connects the user’s device and your network. Encryption works by scrambling your company’s data before it’s sent along this encrypted tunnel. It is then reassembled at its location, provided the user’s device has a decryption key. This effectively guarantees that unauthorized users cannot intercept data while it’s moving to and from its location, making any attempts to decode the encrypted data more trouble than it’s worth for hackers, and it all happens instantly in the background while you work.

IP Address Masking and Anonymity

VPNs also give your team the ability to mask their true IP addresses. This means that your users will appear to be browsing the Internet from a different IP address compared to their normal one, making it difficult for websites, advertisers, and other third parties to track online activity. In this way, VPNs are better for Internet security than you might have anticipated.

Remote Access and Secure Connections

VPNs are also key to securely accessing your company’s network while in remote locations away from the office. Your business’ employees can interface with the internal network without putting company data at risk. A VPN is one of the most cost-effective ways to enable secure access to internal resources from a variety of locations, including your employees’ remote work accommodations.

Your Business Needs a Powerful VPN Solution

Simply put, you cannot expect your data to stay secure for long if you don’t do your part to protect it while it’s moving to and from your network. A VPN solution is the ideal solution. White Mountain IT Services can equip your business with the best VPN on the market. To learn more, call us today at (603) 889-0800.

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