Your Business Is Better When Your Technology Has Support

Where Support Costs Build Up

Technology costs tend to rise rapidly once an issue is discovered. Consider the following reasons why:

  • The technology itself could be expensive to repair or replace.
  • The repair fee will likely include fees and travel costs in addition to the cost of the service itself.
  • The repair is likely only focused on fixing the immediate problem, without considering if it will recur or if the would-be solution to the problem causes alternative problems. 
  • If an issue does happen and some piece of technology fails, you are on the hook for the downtime while you wait for a technician to come around and fix the problem. 
  • One of the major problems is that it is next to impossible to predict these kinds of expenses when trying to budget out your technology management. It makes the whole situation extremely precarious since you rely on your IT to run your business. 

Managed IT Services Flips the Script

Let?s go through the reasons we went through before, that would typically lead to swelling costs and exceeded budgets. This time, however, we?ll assume that you?re leaning on an MSP for your IT assistance and support.

  • While the procurement of technology can be expensive, the Managed Service Provider (MSP) has likely developed a relationship with vendors that can help reduce the costs of purchasing new technology.
  • Many problems can actually be resolved remotely, as the MSP takes full advantage of state-of-the-art technology that allows for networks and infrastructure to be monitored around the clock. The travel costs you would normally be on the hook for are usually unnecessary, and anything that falls within the agreement with the MSP is covered by a consistent monthly fee.
  • In addition to fixing the problem at hand, the MSP uses their access and vantage point to identify the root cause of the issue. This means that the issue itself is resolved, preventing future intervention from becoming necessary.
  • Your MSP will also monitor your technology for these kinds of issues, using special tools that alert them of inconsistencies and errors. Since they use remote access to do so, they can even find potential problems and proactively fix them. Even if an on-site visit is required, it may be included in the agreement, as well. 
  • With a recurring and inclusive fee for these services, budgeting for a managed service provider is a relative breeze. Any changes you need to make (like if you add more employees to further boost your productivity) can easily be incorporated into your monthly fee, keeping costs in check.

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