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We understand that not every organization will be prone to tsunamis or earthquakes, but there are plenty of other disasters that could derail your business? operations indefinitely. Here are just a few of them, and what your business can do to prevent them from being the last disaster it suffers from.

Any organization that works with machines running off of electricity will be subjected to the risk of an in-house fire. This could happen for a number of reasons, like overloading a power strip or an unattended candle. A fire can spread quickly, wiping out any physical infrastructure that your business relies on–including your office.

Power Surges
Most businesses these days rely on their technology to a certain extent, which puts them at the mercy of electrical storms. Something as sudden as a power surge could fry any unprotected hardware in your office. Just like that, you?ll have a bunch of useless workstations that need either heavy repairs, or to be replaced entirely. That’s not even mentioning all of the downtime that this causes, or other parts of your infrastructure also being damaged by the storm, like your furnace, air conditioning, etc. In this case, one unfortunate event snowballs and escalates into a big problem that can put your business on the line.

Hardware Failure
When businesses talk about natural disasters, they often forget one that could affect all businesses–hardware failure. Technology doesn?t last forever, and in the case of a mission-critical server or workstation failing, it could mean data loss for your organization. Furthermore, it would be very costly to replace technology that has failed, and that’s not even mentioning compatibility issues that could result of such an overhaul.

The Solution: Business Continuity and BDR
All of these situations result in a similar outcome: the inability to work following a nasty disaster. To resolve these issues, businesses have implemented business continuity solutions that focus on Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR). With a cloud-based BDR, you can know with certainty that your business’s important data is backed up and stored virtually in the cloud, multiple times a day, in a space that’s both secure and easy to access. BDR allows for backups as often as every fifteen minutes (or more frequently), and restoration directly to the BDR device should the need arise. You can trust us when we say that it’s the best defense against unforeseen events that put your business in harm’s way.

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