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1. Employees expect professional IT support, and they don’t seem to care how your company provides it. Your employees can be receptive to getting help from off-site support technicians. Bottom line, they want to submit a helpdesk request and receive a solution as soon as possible. This is especially true if the technical problem they have involves something they should already know or involves a technology solution that isn’t working according to its design. If you’ve ever worked in an organization where it takes days to get a resolution to a helpdesk ticket, then you can appreciate why expert IT support matters.

2. Customers benefit from employees who are supported in their jobs, especially in their daily use of computing tools. Think back to your office job two decades ago. It took ten minutes to boot up your computer and wait for all desktop applications to open. You had plenty of time to return phone calls and review old paperwork. You probably spent much less time responding to email. All of the modern communication tools were in their earlier stages or didn’t exist. In that environment, you would spend hours working in Microsoft PowerPoint to finish a report, and you weren’t accustomed to instant results. Technology moved slowly. Today’s employees consult multiple information sources on their smartphones and computing devices. They make rapid decisions. They have tight deadlines, and they have to accommodate demanding customers who can monitor their work, so to speak. They can’t afford to deal with server downtime or their inability to make an application respond to their request for information. They need expert IT support regardless of the time of day or night. They have a whole new set of tasks that will require their attention tomorrow. 

3. We can help managers alleviate their employees’ IT concerns. The key is to help your employees become more efficient now by supporting their business applications. What we love about working in IT managed services is that we can easily scale our services up or down to fit your organization. We have our own IT experts running our consultancy, our helpdesk, maintaining our data centers, and performing many other tasks. We can offer as much or as little support as your company needs to get through the day. It’s starts with setting up the right service agreement and letting our people work for you. We have some secret strategies that help us to keep our rates for managed IT services cost-effective even for small and medium businesses. We can take the time to explain our services in ways that fit your present business model.

In 2017, give your employees the gift of professional and responsive IT support. We will gladly write your business a competitive plan for IT services that fits your current business needs and keep up with the provisions of your service agreement.

For more details on getting cost-effective and professional IT services, please contact us today.

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