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The cloud has taken the computing world by storm. You?d be hard-pressed to find a technology that didn?t tie back to the cloud in some way. This is especially true when you consider the needs of the small business, and how the cloud can provide for those needs.

But why would you want to trust your computing infrastructure to some other company? We?ve actually seen this paradigm shift before. Around one hundred years ago, many businesses used to have to generate their own electricity. There wasn?t a power grid to simply plug into. Could you imagine having to manage and maintain your own generator for all of your electrical consumption? We?re seeing the same thing with cloud computing. Businesses now have the opportunity to ?plug-in? and use computing resources without needing to purchase and maintain in-house hardware.

While many associate the cloud with data storage, the cloud is actually capable of much more. Of course, that isn?t to say that the cloud doesn?t provide powerful and flexible storage solutions. With the ability to access data from anywhere, and with many hosted utilities including software, communications, and security solutions, the cloud presents a valuable option to any business? computing infrastructure.

Businesses need to ascertain what kind of computing issues they can solve by leveraging the cloud. Do you need extra storage? Are you looking to enhance your organization’s communications? Do you need solutions to build a more collaborative or cooperative offering? Are you searching for a solution to improve operational efficiency or reduce your computing costs? There are many cloud-based solutions you can choose from to enhance your organization’s computing power and provide ubiquitous and secure delivery of those solutions to the people within your organization that needs them most.

For the modern business that can?t commit the kind of money to hosting on-site computing environments that they would typically need to ensure a secure and dynamic computing platform for their staff, utilizing White Mountain IT Services’s expertise to find the cloud solution that is right for you is a great option. For more information about utility computing in the cloud and other hosted solutions, call us today at (603) 889-0800.

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