Video Conferencing Is a Great Tool for Distance Meetings

What Is Video Conferencing?

For the business that holds regular meetings, not having your team in the office can be a major hindrance. People get behind on their work, messages get crossed, and business slows down. To promote efficiency, businesses need a way to have the meetings they depend on when it is impossible for them to be at the same location. A video conferencing system works by allowing individuals to have virtual meetings over an Internet connection using devices with built-in ( or stand-alone) webcams. In being able to bring people together, share ideas and data, video conferencing can get entire teams on the same page in a manner that is much more effective than audio-only conferencing solutions. 

What Are Some of the Features of a Video Conferencing Solution?

If you are in the market for a solution that will allow you to get your team together from anywhere, there are dozens of them on the market. What you will have to weigh are the features that you want to have. Let?s take a look at some of the best features that are offered with video conferencing solutions:

  • An Acoustic Fence – This feature provides noise canceling in a designated meeting area.
  • Interoperability – As was mentioned above, there are dozens of different video conferencing solutions, but they need to work with one another to ensure that whatever solution you choose, you can get through to people that have a different solution.
  • Speaker tracking – Today?s solutions mostly all have a feature called speaker tracking that follows the participant?s voices and shows the person who is speaking on the screen.
  • 70-Degree Field of View – To get the coverage your team needs, choosing a solution that has a medium focal length that provides solid coverage is important.
  • Software Integration – With solid software integrations, sharing and broadcasting files is much simpler.
  • Content Sharing – Speaking of sharing files, having integrated content sharing can go a long way to making your solution work for your entire business. 

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