Tip of the Week: Use Google Chromecast for These 5 Functions

Probably the most attractive feature of Google Chromecast is that it essentially turns any compatible screen into a smart TV, allowing you to utilize popular apps via your smartphone or desktop that?s equipped with Chromecast capabilities. Here are five of the best Google Chromecast features that new users will want to take advantage of.

  • Stream music: If you?re already using popular music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora, then you?re going to love having the ability to cast your favorite songs on the big screen. What?s more, if your television is equipped with a rockin? sound system, then you can get rid of that bulky CD and record player and replace them both with Google Chromecast.
  • Stream video: The video watching options for Google Chromecast are as vast as there are ways to digitally watch a video. Some of the more popular uses for watching video via Chromecast are by utilizing apps like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. Basically, if your computer can play a video, you can cast it on your TV.
  • View pictures: With Chromecast, you can turn your TV into a screensaver that cycles through HD photos. This is a sure way to enhance any room. Google Chrome actually has an app specifically designed for this purpose which taps into thousands of photo libraries ranging from NASA, 500x, and even your own!
  • Mirror your device?s browser: With Chromecast, whatever is going on in Chrome can easily be casted to your TV. This feature has the potential to really enhance office presentations. Additionally, it?s easy for multiple users to take control of the big screen by casting what?s on their device, which can help someone explain their point at an office meeting.
  • Use VideoStream: One handy app made for Chromecast is VideoStream. This is a super easy way to drag video files to your Chrome browser and play them on your Chromecast-connected TV. Every serious Chromecast user will want to download this free app.

Actually, these five Google Chromecast features are just the beginning of what this little device can do. There are several apps designed specifically for it and they?re worth exploring if you get the chance. Do you use Google Chromecast? What are your favorite uses for this fantastic product? Sound off in the comments.

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