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A Good Data Backup Means More Than One Copy

Let me put it this way: how useful is a backup that was also destroyed in some disaster, along with the original copy of your data? In short? it isn?t. There is a non-zero chance that something could make your backups unavailable to you, so you need to have a backup backup plan, stored someplace separate from your other backup or the original data.

A Good Backup Means Keeping Your Backups Safe

If you?re around any of us at White Mountain IT Services for any length of time, you?ll see how seriously we take data security around here. Failing to properly secure your backups is a rookie mistake to make, as it contains exactly the same data that your default data storage does. Therefore, it is crucial that you make sure these copies are just as securely protected.

A Good Data Backup Contains More Than One Version

While cybercriminals have taken to showing their hand earlier and earlier, this isn?t always how they operate. Sometimes, they prefer to work in the background, corrupting your data?and any backups taken of it?for some time. Therefore, it is wise to keep a few copies of your data going back a ways. That way, should you need to restore your data, you are more likely to have a copy from before the infiltration occurred.

Maintaining a Backup Takes Strategy. Let Us Help.

Establishing a good data backup and implementing the processes to make it seamless will take a fair amount of time. While this would not be time wasted by any stretch, it can be hard to reconcile that with the opportunities you could miss as a result.

White Mountain IT Services is the best option for the business that needs assistance with their IT in New Hampshire. Hand off the responsibility of taking care of your backup to us. Focus your energies on growing your business? we?ll make sure it?ll still be there and ready. Call us at (603) 889-0800 today.

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