Tip of the Week: Keep Your Android Device Updated

Who knows? You might notice a couple of new features on your device following the update.

Updating Your Android and Samsung Devices

First you?ll need the Internet to receive these updates, whether it?s through your mobile service provider or from a Wi-Fi connection. You should also bear in mind that your smartphone will restart during this process.

When you are ready to go through with the update, go to your Settings application. From the provided options, select System, then System Updates.

After you select this option, your device should start looking for available updates. If any updates are available, they?ll appear on the screen. Depending on how old your device is, there may not be any updates available, but if it comes to this, you probably shouldn?t be worried about updating your device more than actually replacing it.

If you see updates that are available, you can tap the Download & Install Now button. This might take a while, so get comfortable and wait for your device to reboot a couple of times to install new updates.

If you are using a Samsung device with Android installed, you can go to the Settings app and select Software Update. The screen will tell you if there are any updates available. If not, then you can either check for updates yourself, or download and install them, right from the menu.

It?s as easy as that. Now you can use your Android device, properly updated and ready for productivity.

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