Tip of the Week: Introducing Google Chrome?s New Actions Feature

What Are Chrome Actions?

With Chrome Actions, the Chrome browser has a bit more utility crammed into its address bar (also known as the ?omnibar?). In addition to helping users navigate to a webpage or network location, or facilitating a Google search, the omnibar can now accept and carry out a select few basic commands.

For example, if a user types ?incognito? into the omnibar, pressing Enter will open a new window in Incognito mode.

Right now, Google has implemented just a few Chrome Actions into their browser:

  • Clear Browsing Data – type ?delete history?, ?clear cache ? or ?wipe cookies?
  • Manage Payment Methods – type ?edit credit card? or ?update card info?
  • Open Incognito Window – type ?launch incognito mode? or ?incognito?
  • Manage Passwords – type ?edit passwords? or ?update credentials?
  • Update Chrome – type ?update browser? or ?update google chrome?
  • Translate Page – type ? translate this? or ? translate this page?

With this starting list came the promise of more Chrome Actions coming with future updates to the browser.

Will You Use Chrome Actions?

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