Tip of the Week: Hey Cortana! Don?t Listen to Them, You?re my Virtual Assistant

To begin to set this up you have to open Cortana?s Settings. To do this, click on the Cortana Icon on the taskbar.

cortana ib 1

Then select the gear-shaped icon in the Cortana window to access Cortana?s settings.

cortana ib 2

Make sure that the Let Cortana respond to ?Hey Cortana? setting is toggled on.

cortana ib 3

Then select Learn how I say ?Hey Cortana?.

cortana ib 4

You will then be asked to answer six phrases to help Cortana determine the way you say ?Hey Cortana?.

cortana ib 5

Once you?ve completed that step, return to Cortana?s settings and make sure that the try to respond only to me option is selected.

cortana ib 6

Now you have Cortana?s full attention. You can have her help you with any number of issues, while helping you navigate Windows 10.

Do you use Cortana? Siri? Google Assistant? Alexa? Bixby? If so, which are your favorites? Leave your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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