Tip of the Week: 3 Ways to Emulate Enterprise Networks

Cloud Solutions

Given the scale that enterprise solutions need to operate in, the cloud is a no-brainer for them to adopt? but why shouldn?t your business emulate them in this regard? The cloud is inherently scalable. This means that the solutions provided via the cloud can be sized to fit a business? needs and budget very precisely.

It is also worth mentioning the variety of uses the cloud can provide. Cloud platforms can fulfill many different needs, from storage to application delivery to platform hosting. This, again, is all made easily budgetable and exceptionally available.

Wireless Upgrades

Wireless connectivity is critically important in the modern business environment, which is why so many companies focus so strongly on providing their employees with fully available Internet throughout their location. Part of this is accomplished by strategizing not only where access points will be placed, but how this connection will be delivered. Different versions of Wi-Fi can be made available for different purposes. While enterprise companies have these kinds of adjustments made, smaller businesses can (and in some cases should) do the same.

Network Security

As time has passed, security has become more and more prescient to businesses of all sizes. One way that this is reflected in modern enterprises is the way that security tools are now deployed via a cloud solution, as mentioned above, helping to integrate them into their processes. Much like the cloud solutions referenced, this approach has proven scalable to smaller businesses as well.

While the tools and defenses used by the enterprise may feel out of reach for many small or medium-sized businesses, a lot of what supports an enterprise can in fact prove beneficial and accessible to the average SMB. We can help you to accomplish a lot of what can be done by the enterprise at a scale that works for your needs.

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