Tip of the Week: 2 Ways to Minimize Your Business’s Environmental Impact

We?re probably not the first people you?ve heard advocate for environmentally-safe practices, and we won?t be the last. The fact remains that it?s important to maintain a sustainable environment for the world our children are born into. While your actions might not seem like a big deal in the immediate future, we assure you that if every business takes green initiatives, it can make a difference; for both the environment and your budget.

To this end, here are two ways your business can reduce its environmental footprint:

Recycle Your Unused Devices
There are countless devices manufactured every year, so it?s only natural that older devices get replaced with newer, more reliable ones. However, when new devices replace old ones, the need for proper disposal is often overlooked. People would sooner just throw an old device in the trash rather than give the recycling process a thought. Devices like computers and mobile devices are made up of valuable metals and materials that can cause severe damage to the environment if they?re not recycled properly. These devices either sit in landfills or are shipped to third-world countries for dismantling, which is often done in an unsafe and unsanitary manner. This is why it?s so important that you make the extra effort to go through the recycling process.

Another part of recycling your old technology is making sure that the devices have been completely wiped of all data before handing them over for recycling. This includes hard drives in desktops and laptops, and storage for mobile devices. These receptacles often contain sensitive information that?s dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Simply deleting the data doesn?t cut it – there?s a chance the data could be recovered. White Mountain IT Services can help with this by thoroughly wiping your unnecessary technology of any important data, and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Reduce Your Printing Costs
One way in which technology actually helps the environment is by helping your team limit the amount of paper consumption you deal with on a daily basis. It?s likely that your business prints much more than it truly needs to, and recent innovations make it easier than ever to decrease the amount of paper, ink, and toner you use every day.

Keeping your printing to a minimum can have a great effect on your budget. Since you don?t have to invest as heavily in paper, ink, and toner, you?ll spend less overall, allowing you to allocate more funds to other parts of your business. By fully leveraging digital file storage and signature software, you can save on both printing costs and physical office space. When there?s less clutter, there?s less time wasted. On top of that, it will make sharing documents with clients and prospects that much easier.

To start doing business the environmentally friendly way, contact White Mountain IT Services at (603) 889-0800. We can help your business approach green innovations in an efficient and organized manner.

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