The DBMS Is a Big Part of Your Business Whether You Know It or Not

What is a DBMS?

The database management system is a piece of software used to create and manage your organization’s databases. It offers features that allow you to create new databases, update the tables, easily and quickly retrieve information from the database, and enhance the data found in the database. It is effectively the dashboard that allows you to sort and view your organization?s data. 

Most DBMS titles also provide tools that allow users to alter the way a database works, so that a business can alter it to meet the needs of that business. Many times your business? databases will be managed by a single party with the front end fueling business management titles like a customer relationship management (CRM) program. 

The Benefits of Database Management

There are several valuable benefits of a DBMS. Some of which include:

Improved Data Security

A DBMS can help users share all types of information quickly and easily, sure, but one thing it excels at is keeping that information safe. By providing fast answers to database queries, the DBMS provides access to data, often in real time. The integrated access control system inside the DBMS ensures that only authorized parties are subject to the underlying data, keeping the system secure. 

Better Data Integration

The DBMS can be used to see how processes in one part of your business affect the processes in another part. This was once done manually and took a long time with a lot of people, but now can be completely automated making it much, much quicker and much more accurate. 

Consistency and Regulatory Compliance

In using a DBMS, you can be certain that the view you have of your data is accurate and consistent. This, along with the ability to manage your organization?s data centrally, provides intrinsic data privacy and security benefits, making the DBMS a crucial tool for organizations that need to stay compliant with data regulations. 

Improved Decision Making

The reliability of the data managed by a properly deployed and maintained DBMS are simply better than data that is loosely tied together manually. It?s that simple. Better data management creates more truly actionable information that can help your business move ahead quickly. 

With data being a huge deal for nearly every organization, having the tools and expertise at your disposal to help your business? data work to help improve your business is important. If you would like to learn more about databases, the DBMS, and the role they play in business give White Mountain IT Services a call at (603) 889-0800.

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