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For example, let’s assume you?re in the market for a new piece of business software, but you aren?t sure what your available options are. You?ve done some research online, but you?d really rather talk to someone one-on-one to understand what is potentially available to you. While your conversation seems promising at the start, you soon realize that it has continued far longer than it should have. Making matters worse, it turns out that the solution isn?t the right fit, meaning that you just wasted valuable time for essentially nothing.

For a moment, let’s take a step back and assume that you don?t realize what a poor fit the new solution is until it’s already been implemented. You don?t want to waste your investment into it, so you seek out support from the provider. Before you know it, you?re spending more time than ever trying to sort out issues with your provider, playing phone tag and composing emails to them as you try and explain your situation, so it can be fixed.

Going through this for one solution would be bad enough – just think what it would be like to go through it for each one you leverage. Do you really have that much time to waste?

Plus, each vendor will have their own set of particular contacts and a preference for how you get in touch with them. Don?t you have enough to deal with without keeping track of each vendor and their offering for you, plus all of their points of contact?

Of course, you do, which is why you could benefit from a vendor management strategy from White Mountain IT Services. We?ll keep track of your solutions and contacts and handle your wishes on your behalf.

We?ll also keep careful documentation of every detail of your arrangements – which vendors you use, the software you have licensed, and the devices you have at your disposal – and take over their management on your behalf. Therefore, the number of contacts you ever need to reach out to concerning your vendors is one, without the chance of being put on hold or just told to repeat the same troubleshooting tasks you?ve already gone through. Rather, one of our technicians will be able to access the information they need to expedite your support process, getting you back in business with minimal time wasted.

To make a long story short, with White Mountain IT Services’s vendor management services, you?ll only ever have to call one trusted source to resolve any of your technology and support needs. Give us a call at (603) 889-0800 for more information.

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