Solid Communications Provide Businesses with Strong Collaboration Options

Voice over Internet Protocol
Gone are the days when you would be tethered to your desk using a corded phone. Nowadays, voice chat applications can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices, desktops, or laptops so that users can make or receive calls to their work number on their own personal devices. From a communication standpoint, you simply can?t beat Voice over Internet Protocol, as it allows you to cut out your old phone lines and replace them with services that run on your Internet connection. Since VoIP apps work on mobile devices, communication can happen either in-house or on the go, making it a valuable communication tool.

Instant Messaging
What about situations where you need an immediate answer on something important, and it can?t wait for an email but it?s not worth making a phone call over? Instant messaging is valuable for this purpose, as it allows your users to communicate in mere seconds without feeling like they are distracting anyone or pulling them away from something important. Instant messaging applications can be used on just about any mobile device, so they can be valuable tools to stay in communication during collaborative projects.

Shared Cloud Applications
If you?re using cloud storage, you can collaborate on projects quite easily. This is thanks to cloud-based productivity suites like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. For example, you can work on documents in real time, and they are updated for every other user that is working on it. This helps you edit documents, update spreadsheets, and work on presentations with everyone else who needs to be involved. Plus, information, data, and applications can be accessed on any connected device, allowing for even more flexibility and connectivity than before. This makes communication and collaboration much easier in the long run.

Unified communications and cloud software solutions are great ways to ensure your employees are always connected in a plethora of ways, all of which allow them to get in touch with each other whenever it?s needed. To learn more about unified communications, reach out to White Mountain IT Services at (603) 889-0800.

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