SMBs are Embracing Cloud-Hosted Technology

In particular, the cloud can be used to make your business much more mobile, scalable, and dynamic with enhanced features and more choices than ever before.

The Cloud is Flexible
The cloud can help your business? employees be much more flexible with the devices that they can work with. For example, let?s say that your employees have a Voice over IP application on their desktop and their mobile device. It can be used either with a headset on-site, or on the phone like a traditional handset. This kind of choice empowers employees to test the boundaries of the workplace and be as productive as possible wherever (and whenever) they happen to be.

The Cloud is Scalable
The cloud allows you to easily control how many employees have access to a software or piece of data that?s stored in the cloud. For example, in the above scenario with Voice over IP, you might have ten employees at first. Before you know it, you?re starting to experience growth. You have to hire new employees to handle the workload, but the traditional office space would require wires and handsets for each new number. You can instead simply make an account and add a user, eliminating one of the many roadblocks.

The Cloud is Feature-Rich
The cloud can give your business the boost it needs through the use of additional features in your cloud-based applications. For example, in regards to Voice over IP, you can take advantage of all of the traditional features of voice calling in addition to more modern communication techniques, such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and so on.

Depending on the kind of business you run, a public or private cloud solution will be preferable. If you don?t mind having your data be on a shared cloud infrastructure, then public is a fine way to approach cloud computing. If you?d like more control over your cloud solution, then a private cloud hosted on your own in-house infrastructure can offer more enhanced security and functionality at the expense of having an in-house IT department managing it.

Of course, the option for a hybrid solution that allows for both high customization and lesser responsibilities on your part can be quite helpful for your organization–particularly if you don?t have an in-house IT department. To learn more, reach out to the outsourced IT experts from White Mountain IT Services at (603) 889-0800.

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