Secure Businesses Go Beyond the Firewall

In reality, it takes several solutions working in tandem to make a network as secure as possible.

Why a Firewall Isn?t Enough

A firewall serves only one purpose, and that?s to monitor traffic that goes in and out of your network for any security issues. However, it?s important to remember that there are threats that can bypass firewalls, and that there are other components of network security besides monitoring traffic.

To use an analogy, you can lock your front door, but that?s not stopping someone from opening up the window and breaking in anyway. This is why it?s so important to include a firewall in your overall cybersecurity strategy, but also use it in conjunction with other security solutions.

Spam Protection

Spam messages generally don?t present an actual threat, unless they hold infected attachments or malicious links, to your business? security, but they are often a waste of time and an unwanted distraction. Spam filters can help you alleviate this issue, but you should always encourage employees to stay on the lookout for suspicious messages.

Centralized Antivirus

It?s much easier to update all of your business?s workstations at once rather than individually, and it wouldn?t be possible without a centralized antivirus solution. Whenever you update your threat definitions, your entire infrastructure and network will be much better off.

Data Backup

If you ever find yourself in a corner and you?ve lost a considerable amount of data, then you?ll want a backup solution in place to alleviate the issue. With a proper data backup and disaster recovery solution in place, you can keep your business safe in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Virtual Private Networking

VPNs are great for maintaining access to files that are stored locally on your business?s network while out of the office. You can use a VPN to prevent direct remote access to these local files and resources, effectively putting a lid on any unauthorized access or onlooking.

Phishing Awareness

Phishing is quite common these days, and scammers will stop at nothing to attack people via email and text messaging. Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is legitimate and who is fraudulent. Many scammers will try to convince users to hand over credentials to accounts and other important data. Some attacks can be blocked by filters, but again, it?s a matter of being vigilant and aware of the dangers out there.

Remember, it?s not that a firewall is a bad investment; if anything, it?s meant to be used alongside other enterprise-level security solutions to maximize security. To learn more about how you can implement the best security services on the market, reach out to White Mountain IT Services at (603) 889-0800.

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