Replace Your Phone System with VoIP

You Can Do More with VoIP

While your main strategy is shifting to a VoIP system for your business? telephone needs, they provide many more benefits. By using bandwidth instead of a dedicated telephone connection, you have access to many more dynamic options. They may raise the cost of your telephone solution a bit, but it will still come in under what you pay for an enterprise telephone system from the telephone company.

Security Baked In

VoIP is much more secure to use than the traditional landline. This is because it is more difficult to secure an analogue system then it is to secure a digital one. With the benefit of built-in encryption, your VoIP communications are always secure. 

Perfect for the Remote Worker

A VoIP system typically supports calling and messaging through a dedicated smartphone app. This means that any person that has a smartphone can have access to their work phone at any time. Best yet, the VoIP platform?s app will ring when an employee?s extension is called giving them access to all the VoIP features wherever they are on many different types of devices. 

VoIP Offers Automation

Automation makes a big difference when you want things to run efficiently or you are trying to cut costs. VoIP has several different features that leverage automation to make the system easier to navigate. Call forwarding, parking, and other options can be tied to a VoIP account for a small additional investment.

VoIP is a technology solution for all of your business? calling needs. Call White Mountain IT Services today at (603) 889-0800 for more information about VoIP and how you can get the telephone system you?ve always wanted for your business. 

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