Productivity Apps Aren?t Just a Fad

Productivity in Software

Productivity software isn?t a flashy item. Every business needs certain apps to do business and most businesses need the same apps. There are a lot of options to choose from, and many of the options might seem pretty similar. What?s important is that you get the tools your business needs. 

Productivity software, which is generally made up of a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a presentation software, note-taking software, and other useful task management tools, isn?t much different from one to another. What is different?and makes a difference?is how the apps are deployed and how they are managed by the developer. It?s fair to say that you get what you pay for, and some productivity apps are just stronger than others. 

What Should You Look For?

When trying to sort out which productivity apps to use, you obviously will want to consult your budget and your needs. As we mentioned above, most word processors are going to do the job you?d expect out of a word processor, but with more innovative solutions, you will get more options that will help your overall productivity. That?s extremely important. Let?s take a look at some variables you should consider:


If your software isn?t reliable, it isn?t worth it, period. Reliability can be measured in several ways. Is it still being developed consistently so you know it isn?t a security risk? Does it have the options you need? Is it easy to use and won?t take a long time to get the hang of? Some apps will promise you benefits that you will never see, but what you can bank on is if the applications cause you a steady stream of problems, you?ve probably made a bad choice. 


If a lot of your team is working remotely on their own computers, you may find that not everyone is going to have the same OS, the same chipset, etc. You will need any productivity app that you choose to work on several different systems. This includes mobile devices. You may think you?re getting a great deal, but if a handful of your workers are working on macOS and the software isn?t compatible with it, you?re going to be kicking yourself. 


As many people continue to work remotely, or in some type of hybrid work system, having apps that work from anywhere is extremely important. Today, a lot of options are available as Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings to help businesses avoid the expense of setting up their own cloud server or remote access tools. Either way, you need to be able to get your remote workers the tools they need to be productive.

Collaboration Features

Speaking of productivity, a lot of businesses are asking their people to do more. We are in unprecedented times and business decisions have to be made down to the dollar. When the productivity software your business uses has collaboration features built-in, it can make a world of difference. Workers can work in the same file, share files, and consistently stay up to date on workflows. A lot of the productivity suites available will also come with some form of project management software. This is a good way to oversee your team?s progress on a project and work right alongside them in real-time. 

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