Outlining the Immense Value of Managed IT Services

For quite some time, managed IT services have been the answer to many small and mid-sized businesses? attempts at keeping their operational downtime to a minimum. Today, we will go through some of the most valuable parts of utilizing managed services and how the value you get from it goes beyond just capital cost. 

More Uptime

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing managed IT services is the boost in technology uptime your business will see. Any business owner understands just how costly downtime can be. Not only is nothing getting done, but if you have to wait for your technology to get fixed before normal business resumes, you are looking at quite a spell without meaningful productivity. 

The managed service provider (MSP) can do quite a few things designed to keep your technology working for you, the most important of which is to monitor and manage all of your essential hardware. This service brings value by having certified and knowledgeable technicians use state-of-the-art technology that provides a look into the effectiveness of all of your business? technology. With their training and tools, they can adjust your technology if it is running inefficiently and therefore provide your organization with optimally-running technology. By fixing issues before they can become downtime-causing problems, your business? technology runs better and gives your employees the reliable tools they need to maximize their own productivity. 

Better Security

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know that cybercrime is a big deal and has to be a major consideration for any business that relies on IT. Our technicians not only are versed in the myriad of threats that a business like yours faces, we also work with other New Hampshire businesses to impart our knowledge on how to steer their business clear of those threats. This perspective is indispensable when it comes to keeping your business? technology free from threats.

To accomplish this ever-growing task of maintaining cybersecurity, we employ several strategies. The first is to completely assess your network and infrastructure for possible vulnerabilities. We then deploy cutting-edge software that can help us stay on top of the network traffic by comprehensively monitoring it. Beyond that, we ensure that all software, including the security software you need, is patched and up-to-date with the latest threat definitions. Finally, we have quarterly business reviews in which we outline how your business is doing in terms of cybersecurity and what you can do better to protect your resources. This includes expanding your employee training regimen, undertaking penetration testing to find vulnerabilities in your network and infrastructure, and deploying new tools designed to keep your business safe from cyberthreats. 

Establishing Continuity

One of the most underappreciated values that an MSP can bring to your company is in the way your business bounces back after operational problems. One of the first things an MSP can provide for your business is a comprehensive data backup and recovery service. This effectively backs up all of your business? applications and data, clearing the way for you to restore these systems if they are to be corrupted or taken down at some point. There are a lot of threats out there that can derail a business? ability to conduct business, and the MSP provides tools and resources to mitigate long outages. 

Getting your business back up and running after a disaster has to be a priority consideration. Sure, you can go long stretches of time without needing to utilize these services, but when you absolutely need them in the face of a potential or certain data loss incident, having that assurance that your business is protected can make all the difference. 

Managing Costs

For most businesses, managing their IT costs can be problematic. Not only does new technology cost a pretty penny, the support needed to get it up and working can bring substantial cost. An MSP takes this notion head on. Not only do you get the comprehensive IT support and services that only a team of IT technicians can provide, we do it at a fraction of the cost. Think about it, if you need to hire three IT administrators to proactively manage your company?s IT, that?s over $200,000 a year in salary, payroll taxes, and other costs. That doesn?t even include all the ways that an MSP like White Mountain IT Services can help you cut your additional IT costs.

With White Mountain IT Services, you get the technical expertise your company needs, but more than that, you get to cut your IT spend substantially by taking advantage of our relationships within the channel, getting the right technology for your company, and get to take advantage of our uptime-first approach that keeps your business running and your employees productive. 

White Mountain IT Services already works with New Hampshire businesses like yours and they can attest to the cost savings, the improved productivity, and the comprehensive security that we can help provide. If you would like to have a conversation with one of our professional consultants about getting the right IT support and services to run your business more effectively, give us a call today at (603) 889-0800.

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