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Three Support Options for Business Technology

There are three strategies businesses can use to get the IT support and services they need. They are:

Onsite Technicians

These are employees of your business whose job it is to manage and maintain its IT infrastructure.

An Outsourced Break/Fix Technician

Computer repair companies who fix problems after they arise. 

A Managed Service Provider

A company that functions much like onsite technicians, but is an outsourced IT support company.

Businesses can actually utilize all three of these strategies to ensure that their technology is working as it should, but it could get pricey. One thing that should be mentioned is that the less proactive a business is at managing its IT, the more expensive IT support is. Sure, you may pay a premium for an onsite technician, but the more downtime your business incurs by waiting until something is fixed, the worse it is for your business.

Why Working with a Managed Service Provider Has the Most Value

Consider the cost of each of these strategies: As mentioned above, your business may want to keep an IT administrator (or a whole team) onsite, but will have to pay them commensurate with their experience and expertise. That?s a big investment.

With break/fix, your business is paying premium prices to a computer repair or break/fix IT service provider to fix problems that already exist and are sapping productivity and profitability away from your business by the minute. 

With the MSP, you get the constant monitoring and proactive management you would get out of an in-house provider, but you also are paying as-a-service, which means that the technicians employed by the MSP are actually in charge of maintaining your IT infrastructure. Since this is the business model, and since there are several other benefits included in a managed service agreement, you get proactive IT management, comprehensive IT support, and the technology consulting you need to keep your business? technology running and working for you. 

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