Managed Services Can Help Stabilize Costs

The concept of the managed IT services provider has only been around for over a decade. Many businesses that have pivoted in that direction were once break/fix value added resellers (VARs) that dealt in some pretty specific products and services. The shift from break/fix to managed services was facilitated by the development of powerful automation software that provided well-trained technicians the opportunity to proactively monitor computing networks from a remote location. This, in turn, provided the businesses with a much more affordable service, more effective IT, and a massive reduction in downtime. 

Industry Growth

One of the major draws that partnering with a managed IT service provider brings to your business is that, for a small business, hiring expert IT talent is expensive. By simply choosing to outsource their IT management, a business can enhance the value of their IT support budget. They receive comparable attention to their IT, get access to the IT service provider?s direct availability to newer, more robust technologies, all while paying a static monthly rate to do so. . From hardware to software, from networking to security, the modern IT company has access to all of the technology the modern business needs. That?s why companies have been slowly switching over to managed IT services for the better part of the past decade. 

The industry?s growth is steady, but in that time, companies? use of technology has exploded. Some choose to hire in-house technicians, some choose to try and manage their own technology, but those that have chosen managed IT services get more bang for their buck.  Most companies in North America and Europe expect their IT expenses to increase in 2020, and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic went ahead and through a major wrench in the works. Regardless of what is going on in some sectors, IT budget growth is as large as 30% in some markets. Small and mid-size companies have been extremely active upgrading their IT as newer solutions provide them with more upfront capital, while larger organizations have been rolling out strategic security upgrades to keep organizational risk down. 

Not surprisingly, the largest driver for IT growth is the need to upgrade outdated IT. This is leading the MSP into expanding their offerings, too. Many organizations have been utilizing cloud computing through their managed service providers. These days, almost anything you can do on a server, you can do on a virtual server hosted in the cloud. 

Emerging Technologies

For some time, IT companies have looked to innovative new technologies to build a catalogue of solutions that would be attractive to any-sized organization. This hasn?t stopped. Today, with data becoming a major commodity for almost any type of organization, these IT companies have begun using their expertise with information systems to push new ways for companies to collect, process, and analyze that data. That?s why you see IT support companies dabbling in data warehousing and business intelligence services; providing value that simply wasn?t there a short time ago.

Another technology that many MSPs have really ramped up on recently is managed security services. With the use of specialized tools and practices, IT service companies can now provide solutions for any type of organizational security threat. Today?s IT service company is capable of protecting your company with traditional methods of training and monitoring to advanced services like dedicated SIEM services, data forensics, and advanced solutions that utilize machine learning to mitigate threats. The modern IT company prioritizes the security of organizational data like never before.  

Tried and True

With all these new technologies emerging, IT providers will have to react to ensure that their trusted IT technicians provide the kind of services and support necessary for industry demand. With COVID-19 grinding many economies to a halt, and putting people out of work, many analysts believe that we are on the verge of one of the largest recessionary periods in modern financial history. The MSP of today knows how to help people improve their business? technology, secure that technology, and support the entirety of a business? technology. Today?s MSP can even help with situations that an MSP doesn?t actively provide, like physical security, website creation, audio-visual services, and printer and copier sales. Their bread and butter, however, are solutions like a dedicated help desk, 24-hour-network monitoring, availability to hardware and cloud services, vendor management, and patch management will keep the 2019 version of IT as an essential part of doing business. 

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