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Notification When a Server Goes Down
Remote network monitoring software can tell you when a server has gone down. Manually checking the status of each server is time-consuming, while waiting for user complaints only ensures that you find out about a downed server hours after failure takes place. Remote network monitoring software continuously checks the status of your servers and notifies you if something goes awry.

Notification When Disk Space Runs Low
Remote network monitoring software can notify you when a system is low on disk space. Systems can run low on disk space because anomalous activity has caused logs to fill the disk or because your applications or users have begun to fill the disk with their material. A full disk can cause your server to fail in unexpected ways. Remote network monitoring can notify you when a disk starts to fill so that you can take the appropriate corrective action.

Automated LAN Discovery
Remote network monitoring software can automatically detect when new computers have been added to your network. It can send alerts when it detects a new device; this can make you aware when an authorized user adds their own personal computer to your network or an unauthorized person attaches a device that might compromise your network.

Easy and Fast Deployment
The right network monitoring software can be deployed easily and quickly. It does not require installation of system monitoring software or require long training cycles.

Comprehensive Reports
Remote network monitoring software can provide comprehensive reports on the status of your systems. As the network administrator, you can customize these reports to focus on the items that you find most important. You can also schedule them to be sent periodically and automatically. Reports can be sent to email and exported to HTML, MS Word or Excel formats.

Event Log Monitoring
Remote network monitoring software can watch your servers’ event logs for incidents that are important to you. It can notify you when changes happen or when system-specific software detects an incident and writes it to the event log. This helps you to address problems before they lead to downtime.

Alert on FIle Changes and Violations
Remote network monitoring software can let you know when critical files have been changed, or when someone has tried to access a file that they shouldn’t. This can help you to detect viruses or intrusions within your network.

Notification When Traveling Users Connect
Remote network monitoring software can let you know when off-site users connect to your systems. Odd patterns in off-site user connections can indicate a security breach or that a user’s credentials have been compromised. Remote network monitoring helps you to detect these types of issues.

Remote network monitoring makes it easier for you to manage, administer and secure more systems more easily. It provides notifications when a system goes down, when a computer is low on disk space, or when specified events have been written to a log. Instead of fixing a server when users complain, you can address root causes before they become big problems. If you are interested in remote monitoring for your network, please contact us.

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