Keep Small IT Issues Small

The opposite situation is one that is all too real. What happens if an end user experiences technical issues while they are trying to complete their tasks? Do they sit there and wait for it to be resolved, or do they actively try to solve the problem? Either way, the end result will be based on the same thing: whether or not they know how to address their technology troubles. Even if they wanted to, the computer problem is getting in the way, and this kind of frustration might be enough to derail their focus. Without the right help, they won?t be able to succeed.

They might ask a coworker for help, or they might reach out to a manager, but there?s no guarantee that they will be able to help, as everyone has their own tasks to get to. Depending on how your business handles IT support, you might have a specific workflow for requesting IT assistance. Perhaps you would call your IT provider to have them walk you through the issue. Either way, it will involve approving a remote session or an on-site visit, authorizing a quote, and so on, just to get back to work. An employee who feels they aren?t doing a good job will simply get frustrated by this process, leading to a loss situation no matter what happens.

Give Employees the Gift of a Help Desk

Imagine if your employees didn?t have to go through the above process and instead could just pick up the phone or send an email to open a ticket describing their issues. Most of the time, tickets submitted in the mid-morning can be resolved by the time the submitter comes back from their lunch break. Bigger issues might be solved even faster, depending on how pressing they are.

This gives your employees the power to report issues whenever they need to, giving them control over their day-to-day productivity. They will feel it?s more acceptable to ask for help, meaning they will be more likely to get their work done in a timely manner in the face of technology troubles.

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