Just Because Google Chrome Offers Password Management Doesn’t Mean You Should Use It

Let?s talk about why browser-based password managers are the inferior choice as compared to their standalone predecessors?and it?s not all about the difference in security.

A Dedicated Password Manager is Better

First Off, They Are More Secure

Like we said, convenience should never precede security, but that?s precisely what browser-based password managers have historically done. The key is the use of zero-knowledge encryption (where a platform has no visibility into what is stored on it), or rather, the fact that Google doesn?t use it. Google?s option to encrypt passwords on the device also keeps the key on the same device as the data?which is effectively like leaving a key to your front door hanging next to the lock. Not exactly effective, if someone were to breach your network and the hardware on it.

They are Also?Ironically?More Convenient

That?s right?despite the idea being that a browser-based password management system would be more convenient, the limitations of it being tied to the browser limits its convenience substantially. After all, your browser isn?t the only place you need your passwords, but the browser-based manager keeps them there exclusively. Consider all the mobile applications that require you to log in on your mobile device, for instance. A browser-based password manager restricts them.

Finally, Stand-Alone Password Managers Offer More Features

In addition to being restricted to the browser that hosts it, a browser-specific password manager is just that?a password manager, exclusively. By comparison, stand-alone options not only store your passwords, they also help you generate secure ones, save other sensitive details like payment card credentials and account numbers, and even addresses. Dedicated password managers also offer additional features, like password strength checks, password sharing, and even biometric support.

All That Said, Not All Password Managers are Created Equally

We?ve seen the impact that an insecure password management system can have, so it is important that you select one that is reputable and trustworthy.

Fortunately, you can trust White Mountain IT Services to select one for you, just like we can help shape the entirety of your IT infrastructure. Give us a call at (603) 889-0800 today for our assistance with your business technology.

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