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Does your IT services department have an IT recovery plan in place? If the answer is yes, is it adequate? To create a solid plan these steps are recommended:Look at your current plan (if any) and assess what level of protection is needed.




  • Determine the length of time your business can afford to have its system(s) be non-operational.
  • Determine how much data you can afford to lose. Identify all critical servers, applications, and related software.
  • Document the process necessary to bring your server(s) back online in the event of a failure.

Assess the availability of your IT personnel should an unpredictable disaster occur. If you have an outside consultant, how fast can this person get to your premises?

Testing: It’s not enough to just have a plan in place, it must be tested to make sure it works, and it must be updated at least once a year. If your recovery plan has never been tested, how do you know that it will even work? You don?t want to wait until your first recovery attempt to discover its weaknesses. Be smart and test your current system as soon as possible. Find out how long it takes to recover, and what problems occur during the process.

Recovery Plan Help: If the above sounds a little overwhelming, we can assist you to design a backup and recovery plan. Our expertise will minimize your downtime and have you back up and running in a very short time. Please contact us for more information.

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