Is Antiquated Technology Hurting Your Business?

First of all, we understand that integrating new technologies can be hard. Not only are they expensive, they also can hinder productivity for a short time while your team gets up to speed on them. This can put stress on the points of your business that may not be working optimally. 

This instability can be enough to push your loyal customers to consider other options and your new customers to leave for your competitors. 

How You Can Tell You Need an Upgrade

There are several variables that can help you identify if you should start shopping for new technology. They include:

Computing Systems are Slowing

One of the most telling signs that it?s time for an upgrade is that your technology is slowing down. It may take longer than usual to boot, programs are slower to load or will fail upon execution, programs take a long time to install, applications eat up your available disk space and bandwidth, and more. 

Your Business is Experiencing Too Much Downtime

Downtime is the bane of modern business. It can cost a lot of money when systems are down and your employees don?t have access to the computing systems they need. If your business is dealing with a lot of technology-induced downtime, and that downtime seems to keep growing, you can bet that it?s time to consider upgrading your technology. 

Inefficient Explains Your Business

Even if systems aren?t ?down? a lot, if your systems are keeping your workers from efficiently doing their jobs, it can be time to start searching for new technology. A lot of times it is as simple as noticing that employees are having troubles with their technology and it is affecting their productivity. 

You Can?t Upgrade or Use Applications

Most computer programs need regular updates to work efficiently, and many require these updates in order to work at all. If your technology is getting too old, new software may be released that can?t be run on your computing systems or major changes have to take place to get the security you need to protect the underlying computing infrastructure. 

You Are Seeing Your Customers Leave for Competitors

The worst result of old technology is ultimately your business? inability to compete. If you are noticing that your customers are leaving and moving on to your competitors, and one of the big reasons is that you haven?t invested in your technology in some time, it is imperative that you get the perspective you need by contacting White Mountain IT Services. Over 90% of surveyed customers say that they wouldn?t mind moving their business elsewhere because of poor technology. 

We Can Help!

If this article hits home a little bit and you need to see what your options are in terms of updating your business? technology to improve productivity, stay compliant with regulations, or simply keep your customer base, our technicians can help. Give us a call today at (603) 889-0800 to learn more. 

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