How Your Business Can Benefit from Inventory Management

Managing the large number of devices in a modern office requires effective tracking and monitoring. The challenge lies in keeping tabs on each device, identifying users, and monitoring usage patterns. If your technology isn’t currently being tracked, it’s important to start doing so. The implementation of an inventory management system offers a more efficient and streamlined approach to this task.

Why Consider Inventory Management?

The need for a solution like this is straightforward—to safeguard your business and mitigate risks. Even small businesses frequently shuffle devices in and out of the office. Employees commonly possess a work desktop, a remote work laptop, and a company-issued smartphone. From both financial and security perspectives, tracking these devices is crucial.

A tracking system comprises two components: the tracking method and the record-keeping method. While some organizations rely on paper ledgers for technology tracking, a more efficient and secure alternative is to adopt technology-driven methods. Paper ledgers are susceptible to user errors, and minimizing the risk of mishaps, particularly concerning valuable assets like business tech, is paramount.

Methods of Tracking

Two primary methods for tracking business technology include barcode scanning and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. With barcode scanning, each device is assigned a barcode, which, when scanned, updates the record system with information such as device check-out status and other relevant details. RFID technology, utilizing unique microchips attached to devices, is another effective method. Active RFID systems tag devices through a reader, while passive systems tag the microchip upon entering or leaving a designated radius.

Electronic Record Keeping

Regardless of the tracking method chosen, seamless communication with an electronic record-keeping system is essential. Stored information should encompass details such as the user, device description, purpose, and contact information for the device holder. Including other pertinent data enhances the ability to trace assigned devices when necessary.

Getting Started

This tracking system isn’t limited to technology alone. White Mountain IT Services offers a comprehensive solution capable of tracking inventory, minimizing waste, and boosting your bottom line. Our commitment to effective tracking extends to our client interactions. When collaborating with your business, we meticulously track every assisted device, facilitating comprehensive documentation for efficient support provision.

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