How to Tell If Your IT Training is Insufficient

There are two big issues that you really need to focus your training around in order to fully prepare your team for success: employee noncompliance and process issues.

Let?s examine each of these factors in greater detail.

Employee Noncompliance

There are various ways that your employees can show themselves to be noncompliant. For instance:

  • A lack of regulatory knowledge amongst your team members concerning things like IT security, workplace safety, and other considerations is indicative that there is likely some level of noncompliance present. After all, it helps to know how to remain compliant if you?re going to.
  • If new regulations and other requirements are met with surprise?and likely resistance?your team likely hasn?t been keeping up with the requirements that currently apply to them.
  • If your established processes aren?t going smoothly, your team likely isn?t organized enough to meet the compliance requirements that laws and regulations will require of your business.
  • If errors abound in your business, it?s a sign that your team lacks the training to avoid these issues.

Process Issues

Likewise, various issues occurring in your business? processes and procedures should serve as a sign that more training is required.

  • There is no outlined process for your business? goals or procedures for your team to follow, leading to scattered and disorganized progress.
  • Mismanagement and ineffective scheduling results in postponed work and missed deadlines.
  • Those team members involved in business projects aren?t communicating effectively, leading to miscommunications and frustration.

Of course, on top of all these issues and the training needed to resolve them, there are also the somewhat-expected technology issues to take care of. Whether you need assistance with your processes, your compliance, or your IT maintenance, White Mountain IT Services can help advise you. Give us a call at (603) 889-0800 to learn more.

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